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•    Sales Accountant

Job description

•    Controlling general operations-related transactions like: Inventory movement transactions from main store to selling stores or between stores, ensure documents are accurately posted to Retailpro software (the system).
•    Reviewing daily inventory report from stores, reconciling it to the system to ensure timely posting of transactions by Operations staff.
•    Making costing file for all brands & timely uploading to the system.
•    Uploading prices for all brands, marketing/ promotion programs to the system. Monitoring correctness on implementation and assessing the result of each.
•    Coordinating with the team on providing detail information from the system for accounting software, as well as providing operations-related reports to the management.
•    Providing Internal Audit team with update report of Inventory balance for their physical stock take, assisting on reconciliation of the figures.
•    Working with IT team to assist stores on queries related to the system.
•    Reporting to Chief Accountant.

Job requirement

•    Bachelor degree in accounting/ Professional accounting qualification.
•    At least 2 years’ experience in the same position.
•    Good passion on IT, influence in excel and familiar with accounting software.
•    Logical thinking, ability to work independently and also as a good team player under pressure.
•    Strong at interpersonal, good communication and time management skill, respect deadlines.
•    Self-motivated, organized, helpful, responsible and honest.
•    Speak and write English fluently is required.
•    Knowledge of applicable laws, codes and regulations
** Interests:
•    Working in a professional and dynamic environment.
•    Challenged with the knowledge of Fashion Retail Industry.


•    Application send to Ms. Huong, HR Department
•    Address: Level 6, Saigon Royal Building, 91 Pasteur, Phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1, TPHCM

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