THP Group: Internal Audit Manager

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Formulate and maintain audit programs of financial accounts, records, contracts and financial procedures of internal operations to ensure proper recording of transactions and compliance with established procedures
  • Develop audit plan identifying areas of potential internal control exposure and areas for improving operational efficiency.
  • Conducts audits of financial and operational business processes on financial accounts, records, contracts and financial procedures.
  • Closely coordinate with line management to recommend solutions for control deficiencies identified
  • Manage and monitor the work of assigned staff. Make decisions relating to hiring, staffing, promotions, discipline and transfers.
  • Review working papers and reports prepared by staff to ensure appropriate documentation

Role Objective

  • Conduct financial and operational audits throughout the Company to provide Management and the Board of Directors with objective analysis of activities.
  • Guide management staff on internal control and operating issues.



  • University degree in Finance or Accounting


  • Experience in the use of an integrated business software package and financial reporting modules, and PC package software (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Specific skills

  • Good communication in both Vietnamese and English
  • Analytic and numeric skill.
  • Teamwork skill, Communication skill and adaptability
  • Understanding of organizational structure, operating culture, effective work styles and management processes to achieve results in a changing environment.
  • Strong analytical mind

Contact person:

MR. NGUYỄN KHÁNH NGỌC | Corporate Recruitment| Corporate Recruitment Department

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